Indian Rupee above 70 – Currency Crisis in India?

Indian Rupee (INR) has depreciated around 10% against the US Dollar since the start of 2018 and experts are predicting that the fall may continue. Many TV analysts are projecting that Indian currency is in crisis and have started comparing current situation with 2013 when currency was falling similarly. I have compiled a list of 8 charts and 2 tables that indicate that the current fall in INR should not press a panic button for the government and investors like it did in August 2013.

Let us compare INR and other macroeconomic indicators of 2013 and 2018:

Indian RupeeIndian Rupee Indian Rupee Indian Rupee Indian Rupee Indian Rupee Indian Rupee Indian Rupee Indian Rupee Indian Rupee

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None of the above data-points are indicating that current fall in the Indian Rupee is alarming to extent of crisis. Thus let us not react in panic to the fall of INR against the USD.

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